King Services Crane can assist you in all areas

King Services Crane is proud to offer mobile crane hire to suit your requirements for any project. Our experienced team can assist you in all areas and you can feel confident you have the right crane arriving on time to carry out the job in hand.

King’s Clientele

We are proud to say that the most demanding and exclusive clientele is ours, going from HVAC contractors to construction companies, that are constantly requiring our boom crane services in such a growing market like it is in South Florida.

Especially in South Florida where many constructions and projects have been showing up lately, the demands for these types of companies are incredibly huge as well as the volume of orders, so, our crane service makes the duty of all these companies a lot lighter and effective.

Our Crane Service

For our team, your time and money are a concern, we know how difficult and expensive is nowadays any project and work in general. Is for that reason at King´s we work to make you save as much money and time as possible.

In a first place, we will survey and analyze your site in order to determine the appropriate equipment and professional specialist that will suit your project the most. We will work in the most delicate and efficient way to conserve the quality and condition of your goods.

Importance of Crane Services

Many companies in order to “save” money tend to do all work by their owns, this is sometimes negative and end up pretty bad, causing more expenses and even damage to the staff and workers.

The things that we usually work with are extremely heavy and big, that most of the time can’t be carried by hand and that have to be located in unreachable locations such as rooftops. 

Commitment and Responsibility 

By working with us you won’t have any preoccupation; At King, we have a sense of commitment and responsibility which are the characteristics that describe us the most.

Our team work is incomparable and to work with you means to us that our family grows a little bit more, and gathers together strengths to make any work or project the best way it could possibly be done.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, please contact us on (305)318-2354 or e-mail us on

We offer a wide variety of services in the lifting and safety sectors, specializing within the Construction & HVAC Industries.