The importance of a good maintenance and inspection program is to extend the life of your mobile boom cranes. Having safe and reliable cranes is no big mystery… Proper maintenance is the easiest and most important way to keep your equipment operating properly.

Protect Your Investment

One of the main reasons to conduct routine crane inspections is to protect your initial investment. In fact, most companies will only guarantee equipment that has undergone regular maintenance and repairs.

Maximize Efficiency

Yet another benefit of maintaining your crane is a higher level of efficiency in the workplace. With demand for manufactured products steadily increasing, mobile boom cranes conduct various tasks much faster and more efficiently than in the past, eliminating the need for unnecessary labor or supervision.

Encourage Safety at Work

Finally, the use of a crane at a HVAC job-site or at a construction site can greatly reduce the risk of dangerous situations or injuries. Whether you are lifting heavy air conditioning units onto a rooftop or hoisting building materials for a new development, using a crane can help you save money and promote a safe workplace that will keep you on schedule. This creates a more stable overall environment and prevents serious accidents on the job.